AOA released ‘Like A Cat’ dance practice MV + slo-mo version to “learn choreo” lolol


AOA has released a regular dance practice video for ‘Like A Cat‘ (unlike the ‘eye fucking’ version), which is glorious enough, but they also released a slowed-down version of the dance practice video, supposedly for those who want to learn the choreography. Right. What is even the point of having Viagra and Cialis around when there’s this shit? Read More »

Clara decided to do her own photoshoot while at wax museum, is the best


Clara AKA Sprite Sticky Explosion Generator AKA LIL C DA BASED GODDESS AKA Honorary SNSD Member decided to do a whole goddamn photoshoot while at a wax museum. It was glorious. Also, rapper Dumbfoundead is thirsty. "Please lord make @actressclara my bae" @dfla_mnet #DFLA @dfla_mnet Μια φωτογραφία που δημοσίευσε ο χρήστης PARKER 파커 (@dumbfoundead) στις Νοέ 11, 2014 at 8:30μμ ... Read More »

Lovelyz’s Seo Ji Soo out of hospital, but seems like she’s gonna be booted regardless


Seo Ji Soo has been released from the hospital, and her case is currently being investigated by the police. Reactions to this case are still decidedly on the accuser’s side, which everybody expected, and it seems to me that Woollim Entertainment is setting this up for a quiet withdrawal or something. Seo Ji Soo, who was first hospitalized in Seoul ... Read More »

Expert takes fangirl dream job of thoroughly examining Rain’s alleged nude


A dick picture expert thoroughly examined the alleged nude picture of Rain on SBS‘s ‘One Night Of TV Entertainment‘. The expert concluded that they were two different men, primarily because of their different ears and eyebrows. The photo in question had been circulating the internet with the comment, “Rain’s girlfriend Kim Tae Hee lost her phone, and his naked photo ... Read More »