Sewol ferry tragedy halts everything + real heroes emerge/fuck the captain + ways to help?


As you’ve probably heard by now, there was a tragedy in South Korea recently that involved a ferry named Sewol and the 475 people on-board, who were mostly schoolchildren on their way to a field trip. The image above details most of what people think happened, though nothing conclusive on what actually caused the ferry to sink, and now the ... Read More »

KBS saves Korea from Akdong Musician’s evils and Samsung promotion


KBS censorship just keeps on rolling, and just when you think it can’t possibly get any more pointless, they resolve to never disappoint. This time, Akdong Musician‘s “Galaxy” failed to pass KBS regulations. Why? Cause it shares the same name with the Samsung Galaxy smartphone and thus could be mistaken for a promotional campaign. Obviously it’s pointless, like most other ... Read More »

Clara says she gets naked on beaches in Thailand, pics or GTFO


Clara said some things about keeping in shape on “Seo In Young’s Star Beauty Show Season 4“, but that wasn’t really what I cared about. During the show she revealed that whenever she has time between recordings, she works out by dancing to Girl’s Day‘s “Female President.” She demonstrated the toning effect of the intense choreography by showing off her ... Read More »

Vocal Technique & Vocal Production: Or Why You Don’t Sound Like An Idol


There’s plenty of people these days who know all about the voice and the physiology of singing. I guess the obsession with vocal knowledge is the cancer that idol TV shows (in both the East & West) have inflicted on the world by continually treating music as a competition with measurable objective standards instead of as an entertainment art. It’s ... Read More »

Music Video Lessons: New Champ uses debut to promote micro-penis acceptance


Hip-hop artist New Champ from PJR Entertainment has recently dropped his debut single, “Yahage“. New Champ is getting his career started off with a bang, ingeniously inviting After School‘s Kaeun, BESTie‘s Uji, and Hello Venus‘ Lime to dress sexy as fuck in his music video to help bring him attention. Hell, his entire hype campaign leading up to this was ... Read More »

G.NA’s coming back with “Pretty Lingerie” so this should be good for SOMETHING


G.NA is coming back with “Pretty Lingerie” on April 21. Cube Entertainment uploaded a teaser image of the singer through her official Facebook with the words “Pretty Lingerie” and the date April 21, 2014. In the image, G.NA is dressed in all white. Her see-through top reveals G.NA’s pretty lingerie. Dem teddies. If nothing else, I’m hoping this isn’t a ... Read More »