Rookie girl group Purfles (yes, really) sets a new high bar for debuts with “1,2,3” MV


Purfles is a rookie girl group from Crescendo Music, who I’ve never heard of before. The group recently released their debut music video, called “1,2,3“, and have set a high bar for future girl group debuts out of almost literally fucking nowhere. Did they release a teaser or anything? I don’t even remember, but the point of a debut is ... Read More »

Block B tell sasaengs to please get the fuck away from their dorm


Block B have always had problems with sasaengs (especially Zico, I think), but the sasaengs have now taken to drawing/carving shit into their dorm door, which led to the group tweeting out their disapproval. Block B’s leader Zico tweeted, “Visiting our dorm, it’s scary. Please stop immediately.” He further added, “Drawing our attention and being publicly warned, do you feel ... Read More »

Super Junior release MV for “This Is Love”, a track that didn’t come pre-ruined


Super Junior released the music video for “This Is Love” recently, and this might actually be one of the better songs they’ve done. I could never understand why Super Junior was popular, because I thought basically all their songs blew ass. Or “pre-shitted” as IATFB would put it. This song, while not especially awesome, would also not be embarrassing to ... Read More »

Indie Focus: Urban Zakapa’s collab with Soyu on ‘Space Between’ improves on ‘Some’


Urban Zakapa released a lovely single, ‘Space Between’, featuring SISTAR‘s Soyu, and it’s supposedly the part two of hit song, “Some“, sung by JungGiGo and Soyu. Although some may argue differently, I think that “Space Between” is much more interesting piece than the highly sensationalized “Some”, and there are a few reasons why. —– Despite “Space Between” being it targeted ... Read More »

Epik High’s “Spoiler” disappointed, but “Happen Ending” made up for all of it


Following up the excellent “Born Hater“ with a couple of subdued, mainstream-friendly tracks, Epik High released a music video for “Spoiler“, which also had a tease of “Happen Ending” at the … well … end. The music video is whatever for me. Pretty forgettable and standard fare, but that’s not really why I’m interested in Epik High anyway. As for ... Read More »

Mayor Park Won Soon supports same-sex marriage, religious conservatives … don’t


Park Won Soon is the mayor of Seoul and he supports same-sex marriage in addition to a bunch of progressive policies, and that has made him the center of controversy in Korea. Park, who started his career as a human-rights lawyer, immediately asked about my background at the American Civil Liberties Union. I told him I worked on social-justice issues ... Read More »

Song Ga Yeon is in psychiatric care due to assholes and their ‘chainsaw’ death threats


Song Ga Yeon has been placed into psychiatric care after Internet hate against her reached a new high/low, with the final straw being a guy who wanted to chainsaw her to death. Serious. On October 18, a representative of Road FC revealed, “Song Ga Yeon has continued to endure personal attacks and accusations through social networking services (SNS). However, we ... Read More »

Ladies’ Code’s accident due to speeding, not vehicle defect, according to NISI


Ladies’ Code‘s fatal accident that took the lives of members EunB and RiSe has been under investigation for a while now, and the results from the National Institute Of Scientific Investigation (NISI) have just come in. According to Star News, the fault of the accident was with the driver and speeding, not a faulty vehicle. The Yongin Seobu Police Station, ... Read More »