Okay, so TaeTiSeo’s “Holler” music video teaser is promising


TaeTiSeo is going to be releasing their “Holler” music video really soon so this teaser isn’t going to have a very long shelf life. However, it definitely does a good job teasing what SNSD’s talented trio has in store for people when the real music video drops. Much like “Twinkle”, “Holler” sounds like it’ll have a nice horn-fueled funky dance ... Read More »

You know, Seungri’s car accident WAS pretty average, we just happened to see it


K-netz and I-netz are upset and creating conspiracies. Why? Because police said that the accident Seungri was involved in would be “average” if he wasn’t famous. 1. [+1,299, -63] Yeah, I’m sure a Porsche flipping over while racing through the Gangbyeon Expressway is something normal, fu*k 2. [+1,149, -58] Since when are any car accidents average 3. [+1,164, -108] Just ... Read More »

[Review] Super Junior’s ‘MAMACITA’ album falls short of expectations


So Super Junior got around to releasing ‘MAMACITA‘ after over two years of a Korean release drought. Two years! And my oh my did we deserve a little better than this album. Just a little. —– Perhaps that introduction was a little harsh, but after two years of no releases as a full group in Korea, you would expect that ... Read More »

Kim Kwang Soo embezzlement investigation reveals shady transactions, he’s still gangsta


Remember that investigation into Kim Kwang Soo over embezzling ~$4 million meant to spring Kim Jong Wook‘s career? Shockingly, it turns out there were suspicious transactions that were detected, and this whole thing could have a much wider net than initially anticipated. According to Seoul News on the 15th, while the Seoul Central District Court’s Financial and Tax Crime Department ... Read More »

‘Roommate’ finalizes new cast with KARA’s Youngji & Bae Jong Ok + Otani Ryohei free balls it


‘Roommate‘ has finalized their new cast for their new season, and in addition to all the previous additions we covered, actress Bae Jong Ok and KARA‘s Youngji have also been announced as the final two additions. This … you know … it could actually be interesting if the producers don’t fuck it up. Oh yeah, actor Otani Ryohei says he ... Read More »

Kim Hyun Joong releases apology to ex-gf for assault + stop using justice system excuse


Kim Hyun Joong‘s lawyers were “refining” an apology towards his ex-gf for the assault(s) he committed, and she has recently said that’s exactly what she wants out of him. Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney told Star News, “Both of their stances are indeed different, but we do not hope for their fight regarding right and wrong. They knew each other ... Read More »