Oh sure, NOW everybody loves Hyeri because of “Real Men”, but she was always great


Hyeri has been getting love for her appearance on “Real Men” for a while now due to her cute appearance but tough and determined personality. Recently though, the praise has shifted into overdrive since her epic pouting aegyo was aired. So awesome. :o But I digress. The point is that people like her NOW, but they’re Johnny-come-lately fuckers who probably ... Read More »

Lee Byung Hun blackmailed by GLAM’s Dahee & model, blame isn’t hard to place


“Hey, Asian Junkie, what’s GLAM up to?” It’s a frequent question I see, and now we know what at least one member has been up to, because GLAM‘s Dahee (allegedly along with model Lee Ji Yeon) has been blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun. The actor reported the women to the Gangnam Station police, revealing that the two women were blackmailing ... Read More »

SPICA splits into SPICA.S & Kim Boa, which is basically a sexy unit and a solo effort


B2M Entertainment announced recently that SPICA would split! Well, temporarily, at least. Four members of SPICA are becoming a sub-unit called SPICA.S, while leader Kim Boa is going to release a solo project. The company says the ‘s’ in SPICA.S stands for ‘special’, but by the looks of their teasers it stands for ‘sexy’, and Kim Boa apparently wasn’t invited. ... Read More »

Here’s your chance to write deep lyrics for JYP Entertainment!


A JYP Entertainment rep wandered onto Reddit yesterday looking for songwriters and producers, so if you’re a talented up-and-comer … you’re probably above this. BUT if you’re a complete amateur with unrealistic pipe dreams, this is for you! Hi /r/kpop, Hope you’re having a wonderful day! I’m posting an opportunity on behalf of JYP Entertainment for talented songwriters and producers ... Read More »