Soul Shop says they have video of Gilgun going crazy, so Gilgun challenges them to a duel


Soul Shop Entertainment recently lost their lawsuit with Megan Lee, but they are still fighting one from Gilgun. In response to the charges leveled against them, Soul Shop is saying that they have video of Gilgun screaming at Kim Tae Woo after she demanded a monthly allowance and he did not comply.

A representative of Soul Shop stated, “October 13 of last year, at a meeting with Kim Tae Woo held on the fourth floor of the office in regards to a new album, Gilgun requested that he take out a loan to pay her $3 million KRW (~ $3,000 USD) every month. When Kim Tae Woo replied that it was impossible, Gilgun started to curse, scream, throw her cellphone at the recording equipments, and cause a commotion. Everything was captured on CCTV. If needed, we can release it [to the public].”

In an earlier statement, representatives of Soul Shop claimed that Gilgun did not commit fully to her lessons and even threatened Kim Tae Woo, saying that she would commit suicide inside the company office in attempts to shut down the agency.

Honestly, even if there is video of her going crazy, unless there’s audio of the context I’m not sure it can really prove anything other than she lost it one time. And given what two artists have now accused Soul Shop management of, an outburst might be understandable if we knew the circumstances.

Either way, in response to this, Gilgun proposed that they hold a dual press conference so they can put their nuts on the table and let the public judge without confusion.

In response to Soul Shop’s recent statement, Gilgun requested to the representatives of Soul Shop that they hold a dual press conference at the same date, place, and time. She stated, “Rather than releasing press releases that are creating confusion, I thought it would be best to hold a [dual] press conference to answer the questions of the journalists and then have it judged by society.”

Lastly, Gilgun stated that if Soul Shop were to agree, she would prepare everything and all that the agency would have to do is make an appearance at the press conference.

Meanwhile, singer Gilgun claimed that Soul Shop Entertainment demanded a large cancelation fee for her contract when it was terminated on a mutual basis. She also asserted that she was treated unfairly by Kim Tae Woo and his wife, who is the current director of the company.

Like I said at the time this was revealed, it just gives off the appearance that the company is being mismanaged when two artists on entirely opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of connection to one another want out of the company for similar reasons.


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