Fan Bingbing made everyone look like shit at the MET Gala + Wu Yi Fan (Kris) looking slick


In case you missed it, the yearly MET Gala happened earlier this week, causing the usual amount of fuckery that an event involving celebrities competing for the collective thumbs up from professional fashionistas tend to have. In other words, a glorious mess.

Other than being a fashion circlejerk, the MET Gala is an event organized by the Metropolitan Museum Of Arts to raise funds for the Costume Institute and to showcase their current main exhibition; this year’s was “China: Through The Looking Glass”. As explained on the official website, it “will explore the impact of Chinese aesthetics on Western fashion, and how China has fueled the fashionable imagination for centuries.”

Those attending the gala were supposed to dress up following the theme of the exhibition, so I was expecting some badass interpretations of the Chinese tradition’s influence on couture…

MetGala2015 4



Man, my expectations were too high because I just kept going “WHY?!” at every other dress: Sarah Horsica Jessica Parker went full Samurai Jack; Kara Delevigne looked like the lover of a Russian mafia leader; Jennifer Lawrence was boring and, as usual, Jennifer Lopez was naked.

MetGala2015 3

But when I thought I was done with the awful taste for couture that humans have, something amazing happened: Fan Bingbing.

MetGala2015 2

You may know her as Blink from the X-Men franchise, but I’ve been stalking her for a while given her amazing red carpet history, and she certainly didn’t disappoint at this event.

What I love about this look is that it stayed away from extreme theatrics while keeping the wow factor. The layered textures of the dress and cape (let’s call it that), plus the subtle color coordination, managed to give variation and homogeneity at the same time.

MetGala2015 1

The interpretation of the subject wasn’t so literal that she looked like she took a Halloween costume, added some paillette to it, and called it a night, and that’s what makes all the difference.




Also, Kris AKA Wu Yi Fan AKA Judas was there being his usual hot self, thus causing extreme fangirling.

MetGala2015 5

MetGala2015 6

Despite the downside of losing hep-hap cred, those damn dirty Chinese can look so good when they shower.

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