Soyul flirts & my murder list grows + Crayon Pop ‘Funny Or Die’ + ChoA poops her pants


Soyul was a recent guest on ‘Match Made In Heaven Returns‘, where she flirted and danced and was generally entertaining.

Oh look, all the dudes fighting over Soyul, surprise surprise. Unfortunately, that only adds to all the dudes that I have to murder.

So hot even in a tracksuit. Trying to hide the goodies and failing.


‘Can’t Stop Crayon Pop’ – Funny Or Die

They need their own TV show, and preferably it will be filmed on a $250 per episode budget to make it even better.


Delinquent “FM” Choreography – English Subtitles


Making Of Monomola Commercial – Part 2


Finally, and arguably most importantly, here’s Crayon Pop‘s manager scaring the shit out of ChoA:

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