Red Velvet’s manager looks to take over the thug title from disgraced EXO manager


SM Entertainment employs the most thug managers on the planet, and with EXO‘s manager down and out for a bit after getting fined for assault, a new champion must rise to the occasion, and Red Velvet‘s manager has come out firing, looking to take the belt.

After the group exited from filming ‘Music Bank‘ on May 8, fans were waiting for the group outside of the building, and that’s when Red Velvet’s manager sprung into action. Manager oppar shielded the girls from the pack of crazed animals that you can clearly see were attacking Red Velvet with bats and knives, telling them to “get out”, “back off”, and “stay back” before he cunt punts them or whatever managers do nowadays. At one point, he’s heard calling one fan a “fucking bitch” … uh … presumably cause she was violating a restraining order.

Later, when it’s clear that Red Velvet are safe from danger, the manager yells back at the pack: “DON’T YOU DARE TRY TO TALK TO THEM!” and “GET RID OF YOUR CAMERAS!” Then presumably while off-camera, he pulls his shirt up to flash his gat at them to let ’em know what’s coming if they don’t obey.



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