Here’s a bunch of messy-ass K-pop stages, come post your favorites

I previously alluded to the reality that G-Friend‘s disastrous stage conditions were not exactly a rarity in K-pop, and then Dispatch released an article recapping some other ones from recent memory. I then found a handful more floating about to drive home the point, but I’m sure there are about a trillion more of them, so feel free to share whatever you can find in the comments.



Bubble Pop” in a puddle.

Kicking off her heels in the middle of the performance? Sure, cause fuck it and fuck those conditions.

As a bonus, here’s HyunA showing plus-plus athleticism to not fall.


Somebody hated “Party” more than I did and tried to kill them via smoke inhalation or something.

Taeyeon fell into the stage.


La Cha Ta” in what might be a hurricane.

What could possibly go wrong?

Girl’s Day

Darling” under R.Kelly.


I My Me Mine” with the stage collapsing like in a video game.

Muzik” in a downpour.


Lupin” in what basically amounts to jumping in a pool.


Tao falls into the stage.

D.O. crashes into the fans.


Yayaya” performed in what might be sub-zero temperatures.


So yeah.


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