iKON’s “RHYTHM TA” includes lyrics dissing idols, which sure is something


iKON, besides releasing three shitty music videos thus far, have also continued their trend (from Bobby, at least) of dissing idols even though they are some of the most idoly idols to ever idol since they’ve been trained by a major K-pop label.

In “RHYTHM TA“, their failed attempt at Big Bang mimicry, the lyrics near the start go:

We’re not picky, for example, a time and place. We don’t try to act cool, for a bad example, idols nowadays.

Surely this was meant to be ironic, as B.I delivers the line in the music video with the most forced awkward sweg ever … right? Seriously, I would argue the main thing to take away from their debut is that they try the very hardest to look cool and legit.

I just have no idea what the fuck they’re on about when mentioning idols anyway. Are they talking about how they’re not like that because they allegedly make their own music? If so, judging by what they’ve put out thus far, their debut has actually provided the reason why most idols need to take a backseat to actual pros.



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