EXID & BESTie members get along fine, “Up & Down” needed to work or else

The saga of EXID and BESTie is something that people are consistently obsessed with, but in a recent interview, LE, Hani, and Junghwa clarified their thoughts on the former members.

Q: How about EXID’s members relationship with BESTie’s members?

LE: ‘In fact, we only did the activities with six original members for one month. Although there were so many feelings at that time, now we’re both EXID and BESTie thinking to work even harder. We’re also cheering for each other.’

Hani: ‘Me and BESTie’s Uji were good friends since we were 17. Until now I still save her name as ‘soulmate’ on my phone. Me and Uji (unnie) still keep in touch. It’s a win-win relationship.’

Junghwa: ‘For now I wish they love us as BESTie and EXID. We’re rooting for BESTie and I also think BESTie did the same.’

It’s not really surprising that they don’t hate each other if the story about how they ended up going their separate ways is true. Hell, this interview certainly gives credibility to that Pann post, because Hani and Uji indeed would’ve been the ones who knew each other for the longest and probably would have the strongest relationship.


Earlier in the interview, EXID also offered up a rather grim take on their future if “Up & Down” wasn’t a success, much like the story Crayon Pop told if “Bar Bar Bar” didn’t make it.

Q: What if ‘Up & Down’ wasn’t a success?

Hyerin: ‘At the time when we did interviews, we always said, ‘We think this is the last time.’ I don’t know when to give up but I want EXID to have a great impact.’

LE: ‘Without ‘Up & Down’ I think I’d be back to my ordinary life and finding a new job.’

Solji: ‘If ‘Up & Down’ was not a success I don’t know what to say. I have realistic plans. I want to go travel first.’

Hani: ‘The miracle happened. I’m still so glad, as I was thinking of quitting. We debuted three years ago and this just happened. I remember all the hurts from beginning. When ‘Up & Down’ was released I was filled with enthusiasm. It was really tough for all people in Korea to know our song at that time.’

Junghwa: ‘Rather than our problems I thought this is the end.’

Note: I cleaned up the translation a bit to make it readable.

Certainly sounds like EXID were on the brink, though I’m not exactly sure how realistic that is considering they had always charted in the 30-50 range, which is why half the original members really had minimal incentive to leave of their own volition and I have to believe they would’ve been fine regardless (I mean look how long After School/Rainbow/Nine Muses have survived).

Regardless, I’m glad EXID took off and that they cleared all this up, because fans of both groups (like me) saw interaction between them before but they’ve never really spoken about one another.


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