Brown Eyed Girls kill it with their orgasm anthem, “Warm Hole”


Brown Eyed Girls have decided that subtlety is overrated in their “Warm Hole” music video about sexuality and orgasms.

Putting aside the music video, the song itself stands alone. The throwback brass is nothing new, but it helps make the instrumental immediately appealing to me, and the verses are executed with appropriate attitude and sass for this type of track.

Undoubtedly though, the stars of the track though are the pre-chorus and hook. The hook is amazingly setup with a quasi-rap of the lyrics “fire in the hole when you touch me down there” and “fire in the hole when you come in right there”, and it sets the tone of the appropriate explosion of a chorus and vocals that remind of girl groups from decades past.

It’s catchy and listenable and a much more appealing song than “Brave New World” was.


The music video is something else in itself. Of course they all look great, but they also were making more references to the vagina, orgasms, and sex acts than STELLAR did.












The added bonus is that it’s all conceptualized well, with even the dance-in-a-box set having a literal box to provide depth to the picture and make height adjustments.


Brown Eyed Girls are killing it thus far with this comeback, especially with their music videos, and “Warm Hole” is just further evidence of that. The song and the music video are both executed extremely well, and then when you factor in that they’re tied together with an overarching concept/theme, there’s not much more one can ask for.

Now all we need is to find a way for them to get around the censors, preferably by trying to have them go on talk shows and say there are no sex references in this like EXID did with “Up & Down“.


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