Jay Park disses JYPE for blocking him, calls him jealous and childish


F*CKBOY“, a recently released track off Jay Park‘s ‘Worldwide‘ album includes a diss to former boss JYP, accusing him of being jealous and immature, playing in only politics, and continually blocking him from appearing on broadcast.

The following lines from the track especially are causing raised eyebrows: “My former teacher was afraid we might become the same, and he’s jealous now,” “You’re an entertainer that sells fans. Even if you block me, I’ll keep going forward,” and “What I do is music, what you do is politics.”

As if that wasn’t obvious enough, AOMG reps stated, “Jay Park himself wrote the lyrics, so the agency itself has nothing to say. We can’t confirm what the lyrics are about.” So that’s a “yes”, and JYP Entertainment had nothing to say on the matter.


Jay’s frustration here is understandable since JYPE has been (allegedly) actively blocking him since he re-emerged in Korea with SidusHQ in 2010.

During this time, JYP Entertainment released the following official statement: “We’re suspicious of Sidus HQ’s ulterior motive in taking a singer we terminated, and promoting them. It’s a violation of business ethics.” Sidus HQ representatives responded, “A talented singer was forced to drop his dreams due to an unfortunate event. We merely want to give him another chance.”

JYPE supposedly went as far as blocking SidusHQ actors and actresses from being cast in an SBS drama. To call it heated is an understatement, and at one point SidusHQ CEO Jung Hoon Tak posted this picture of JYPE on Twitter.


And it’s actually not something that’s in the past either. In 2014, when he was promoting his song “So Good“, Jay Park was suspiciously dropped by music shows when going up against former group 2PM. Furthermore, in the “F*CKBOY” lyrics, Jay Park alleges that blocking strategy also recently hamstrung him, saying, “I was about to be cast by [2015 Infinity Challenge] Gayo Festival, yeah the old guy is still immature, childish childish, I’ve been enjoying freedom for five years.


All in all, it’s hard to hold it against the guy for carrying a grudge, because the company certainly holds one. That is, unless you believe all of these things were the most coincidental string of events ever. In particular, missing out on the festival this year (or any year) is especially damaging, so it’s hard to put any fault on him whatsoever for lashing out.

I honestly thought they all put this behind them by now, which is silly of me, because companies will remain petty forever.


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