Lee Jung Hee and shaman arrested for child abuse and false accusations


Lee Jung Hee was recently arrested by police for child abuse and making false accusations. A shaman involved in her scandal was also arrested for plotting out the actions of Lee Jung Hee and her two sons, and she was also charged with making false accusations.

If you’ve forgotten by now, Lee Jung Hee and her two sons made a much publicized video plea to the public for people to help her against her supposedly powerful husband. Among other things, she alleged that during her marriage to her husband, she had been raped by over 1000 people and that her sons were also raped by hundreds. Outrage understandably followed, though less understandably that outrage also included people telling you that you endorsed mass sexual assault if you didn’t participate in it.

Later, however, a documentary on Lee Jung Hee and subsequent investigations revealed that a shaman was using the three in order to get them to sue the husband, and police are now investigating how the shaman managed to take over real estate that belonged to Lee Jung Hee.

Meanwhile, the two sons, who were taken away from their mother a while back, have been in the hospital receiving mental health treatment and are said to be stable.

Reads like quite the sad story from multiple angles, really, with the shaman potentially victimizing everybody involved.


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