That 2NE1 comeback might not be an actual 2NE1 comeback after all


2NE1‘s announced comeback is not actually an official comeback for the group, rather it’s either going to be CL‘s solo or a sub-unit, according to a report.

Citing an insider (so take it with a grain of salt, seriously), the report clarified that the 2NE1 comeback will actually be a special song meant to satiate fans after their long hiatus. Rather than being the start of official 2NE1 activities again, it’s likely to be a sub-unit or CL’s solo debut.

On the downside, this would be quite the letdown after all the excitement generated by the “Who’s Next?” garbage to hype them up. On the upside, if this ends up being true, then YG has certainly fulfilled the wishes of those hoping this was just another instance of him being a fucking troll.


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