Around The Web: Sasaengs, Plagiarism, Promo Teams, IU, Brown Eyed Girls


Netizen Buzz: Lawyers talk about what they can do about sasaengs, but mainly just cite laws that are never enforced. Feels like nothing is pursued because the company feels they need these people.

Netizen Buzz: Members of promotional teams give an interview, which provides some insight, but also one must consider the source when everything is blamed on the company, producers, or idols themselves.


Beyond Hallyu: Explains the extra context behind IU‘s explanation of “Zeze” that the media didn’t bother using.

KPOPALYPSE: Plagiarism explained again, because everybody thinks everything is plagiarism, then get mad when nobody ends up suing.

KPOPALYPSE: The second part of the K-pop music genres primer, continuing on from the last time. Since I’m not a music expert or anything, I probably fuck these up all the time as well.


Yellow Slug Reviews: A Brown Eyed Girls‘ “Warm Hole” review that reflects much of the same thoughts as I had.


Netizen Buzz: Seoul University student body president candidate came out as a lesbian. Comments were predictably awful, but still, shit is changing.


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