Dok2, The Quiett, DJ SON, Garion confused by Truedy & authenticity question


Dok2, The Quiett, DJ Son, and Garion are in America for some kind of Korean hip-hop dissertation thing, and during a Q&A session that they probably thought would just be a dickriding festival of fans or something, they were all very confused by a question about Truedy and authenticity in Korean hip-hop.

The sound is a bit shit and part of the question gets cut-off, so best to hear the question from the source:

So when I heard that this show was happening I knew I wanted to come and ask these rappers about black culture and khip-hop, so I talked to @blackfairypresident and came to the conclusion that I would talk about truedy, cultural appropriation, and aave. This was the result. I also wanna note that this was part of a grad student’s doctoral dissertation and she conflated black culture to american culture. We would’ve gone through a 50 minute talk about hip-hop without her saying “black” ONCE.

I think that’s a great question that deserves an answer, and there’s no more “appropriate” time to ask it than in an academic setting. No ducking it.

Then again, Dok2 answered, “I don’t know.” Then one of the panel, I can’t make out who, says:

It’s for rappers or artists who are doing hip-hop outside of America, who are not African-American or black, to question who they are and to question them to understand who they are before taking on an appearance or following. Does that answer your question?

No? Not really.

The answer basically says that non-blacks need to question themselves before taking on an image, which is sorta the opposite of an answer to a question about whether or not one can make authentic rap music without using ebonics and doing all the buffoonery.

The correct answer, in my opinion, should’ve been “yes, I think you can” and “my god, some Korean rappers should stop embarrassing themselves”.

As it stands, the answer was sorta cringe, and if you ever wondered why these judges (conspiracy theories aside) co-sign on Truedy’s shit or why she was rewarded for her shit, well … there you go.


As a bonus, from the same panel, Dok2 shades female rappers for probably not writing their own lyrics, but says he respects those who actually do.

That’s sorta like saying, “Ah. *Laughs* Yeah, I don’t know if Chinese people even take showers … or if they’re just a filthy ethnic group, but I respect the ones who do take showers.

In Dok2’s defense, one thing is for damn sure, he’s not paying a ghostwriter to pen his lyrics.


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