Nobody is gonna show up at the 52nd Grand Bell Awards … great?

1116 52회 대종상영화제-포스터 520-750(서브)

So the 52nd Grand Bell Awards are happening soon, which is wonderful! Well, except for the fact that all the nominees for Best Actor and Best Actress are going to be missing the awards, and that “coincidence” is thought to be powered by a boycott (not a pretend one either).

All the Best Actor nominees have had to decline their invitation to the ceremony. The list of this year’s nominees includes Yoo Ah In with his two nominations for “Veteran” and “Sado” (also known as “The Throne”), Ha Jung Woo for “Assassination,” Hwang Jung Min for “Ode to My Father,” and Son Hyun Joo for “The Chronicles of Evil.”

All five nominees for Best Actress will also not be attending the ceremony. The nominees are Kim Yoon Jin for “Ode to My Father,” Jun Ji Hyun for “Assassination,” Kim Hye Soo for “Coin Locker Girl,” Uhm Jung Hwa for “Wonderful Nightmare” (also known as “Miss Wife”), and Han Hyo Joo for “The Beauty Inside.”

Oh yeah, and now the directors may not show up either.

Now, with just hours left until the live broadcast of the grand year-end festival, many film directors are expressing their plans to not show up for the event. This is mainly due to the expected absence of most top actors.

Sure, there are excuses listed for why all will be absent, but this is/was a prestigious acting award so it’s a little bit more than curious as to why they’ll all be absent at the same time.


The reason they’re all thought to be boycotting is because there’s dissatisfaction in the fact that the awards are given only if the winners attend the ceremony, there’s a fee-based voting system, and due to poor accounting on the part of the awards.

This is a particularly difficult situation for the Grand Bell Awards, as they previously announced that they will not give awards to any winners who do not attend the ceremony.

Prior to the attendance crisis, the Grand Bell Awards received criticism for its fee-based voting system and poor accounting practices.

I dunno, perhaps this really is all just a gigantic coincidence, but it certainly seems like a cool way for every big name to band together in an attempt to affect change.

As it stands, it’s difficult to imagine why anybody would watch this now other than for #TeamSchadenfreude, so if the show was smart, they’d probably be best off reworking the format.


Oh yeah, predictably people are on board when the major stars boycott, but when Yeo Jin Goo and especially Seolhyun do it, perhaps in a show of solidarity anyway, well we can’t have that.


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