Rap Monster posts derp face Kai pic thinking it’s V, apologizes to mad EXO-L


On the birthdays of members, BTS upload a bunch of derp pictures of each other, and today member V turned 21. No problem, right? Well there wasn’t one until one of the four derp pictures of V that Rap Monster uploaded actually turned out to be Kai from EXO.

Korean EXO-L raged at Rap Monster and started posting pictures of Rap Monster derp and Kai being hot, and then international EXO-L followed suit.

Rap Monster ended up releasing this incredibly formal apology to dearest Kai senior.

I give my sincere apologies to Kai sunbaenim and all the people who were displeased by the photo I mistakenly uploaded.

Motherfucker is acting like he hit Kai with a car or something, but then again his life might be at stake, so I don’t blame him.


Anyway, EXO-L’s are still upset about this despite Rap Monster’s comically formal apology, presumably to protect dear Kai from derp pictures.

Well … you guys know what to do.







Thanks to fellow pedophile iljin slut apologist Lizzie Parker for the translation.


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