Dal Shabet rides the 80s wave to produce a gem with “Someone Like U”


Dal Shabet have returned to us with their latest attempt to reach girl group relevancy with “Someone Like U“, and if the world was just, this 80s jam would propel them up the ladder.

I want to murder everybody who hates this 80s throwback phase K-pop is going through because it’s actually glorious. “Someone Like U” exemplifies all its strengths, mixing modern styling and production with great throwback 80s synths and funk elements. The song’s also paced extremely well, as it’s a non-stop pop song that assaults you from every angle without taking a break, yet it’s diversified enough that it doesn’t get exhausting to listen to. Hell, the pacing even manages to make Serri‘s half-rap, half-fast singing make sense in the context of the song and sound appealing as well.

Five days into 2016 and we already might have one of its better releases.


Conceptually, it was a rather basic effort that continues their run of threatened violence and an odd obsession with firearms.

Basically, the song was a ton better than their concept was, but what made the basic concept work was the fact that they kill it visually.







Hells yeah.


If the public isn’t fucking deaf, this should rightfully be their breakthrough song as it’s easily my favorite effort by them. It’s only five days into 2016, but for my money, this is one to remember for all the year-end best-of lists. If any of the established girl groups released this bop, their fandom would be acting like this was the greatest achievement in pop history and flinging bodily fluids at each other in a gigantic circlejerk, so everybody pray for Dal Shabet to rise to relevance through this gem.



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