Huang An takes a victory lap over his bullying of Tzuyu, hate shifts to JYPE


Huang An, the hypocritical scumbag who is the origin of this whole mess for Tzuyu, took a victory lap yesterday on Weibo in regards to Tzuyu’s apology video.



So Huang An was extremely proud that his bullying campaign was effective, and Chinese netizens are now making up conspiracy theories to make themselves the victim in all this.


“[+10007] jessicaxym梅:JYP成功误导韩国民众,导致拥有500多万粉丝关注的韩国娱乐网站koreaboo声称中国猪欺负小女孩,是可忍孰不可忍!这件事算是没玩了,韩国政府如果继续不作为,这件事会越来越发酵,等着难以收场吧!现在不是你一个小女孩道歉的事了,你们jyp公司必须出面正式道歉! #抵制JYP#!!! ” JYP successful mislead k-netz, even koreaboo with 5million subscriber say China bully 16yo girl, this is unacceptable! if this incident continues, Korea government continue to do nothing about it, this will gets more worse and hard to end it. Now is not about she come out and apologies, JYP company must give us a formal apology.”

“[+4294] 竣議_Will:说实话,周子渝只是炮灰,她年纪小,小学就去了韩国,华人的基本教育没有从小培养,却被jyp公司傻子一样的处理方式伤害,更被台独们利用以至于惹怒大陆网友,但最后这两者惹得祸却要她一人承担并认错,实在很同情周子渝这个小孩。 to be frank, tzuyu is cannon fodder(?), send to korea when she is still young, she didnt learn the basic chinese education when she was young, but treated/hurt like idiot by JYP treatment/management about this issue. Used by taiwanese media(?) indirect scolded by C-nezt. In the end, due to both side conflict making she bear the responsibility, really sympathy Tzuyu”

“[+3712] 转身走过哼:大家不要被骗了。韩国网站上还说是我们蛮狠狭隘不讲道理。可是JYP单单在中国内地用的微博里道歉,却把我们当傻子一样背后捅刀子。必须公开在facebook,ins,推特上都用中、英、韩三语道歉陈述事情原委,别一边在韩国报委屈一边在这边表衷心当真跟那些台湾台独怂包一样两面三刀![拜拜]#抵制JYP# Guys dont be cheated by them, korea sites say us(chinese) are ruthless & unreasonable. But JYP only use China weibo to apologize, treat us like a idiot back stab us. Must let him post it on Facebook, Instagram in 3 languages; Chinese, English, Korean. On Korea media/newspaper side acting sincerely like Taiwan side duplicitous”


The delusion is real. It really is.

Anyway, I guess everybody was right, JYP Entertainment selling one of their most promising stars down the river for doing absolutely nothing wrong certainly seems to have paid off. After all, the apology video has taken the heat off the company in China! … What’s that? They’ve now shifted from screaming about Tzuyu to screaming about JYPE? And now Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea are pissed at JYPE too?

Oh boy, it’s almost like when you cave to witch hunts, the mob moves from one target to the next for no logical reason because there was never a logical reason behind the witch hunt to begin with.

If only somebody had said that before.


And oh look, the day after the election in Taiwan, there are reports that the Chinese government is stepping in to crack down on the Chinese netizen witch hunt.

According to Chinese citizens, mass deletion of posts on Weibo containing Tzuyu’s name has started and Tzuyu has been banned from the search function. There has also been confirmed reportings that CCTV has started broadcasting TWICE’s MV and live performances (with focus on Tzuyu), probably along with positive government press on her.

The timing of that is a coincidence, I’m sure.

In a sense, I suppose we’ll never know what caused this decision, but I find it hard to get away from the explanation of the elections. Governments and politicians were using Tzuyu to fight their proxy war from the beginning, and now suddenly after the elections are over, things immediately start to revert back to normalcy. Yeah.

Even if it was Tzuyu’s video apology that sparked all this, JYPE could’ve waited until after the elections to find out if their previous efforts would’ve been enough for the Chinese government to take action before scapegoating one of his own like that, but I guess now we’ll never know.


Oh yeah, here’s Huang An so happy to be from Taiwan.


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