Tzuyu & JYP release apologies in attempt to appease deluded morons


JYP Entertainment‘s previous attempts to squash the Tzuyu “scandal” in China have proven relatively ineffective, and rather than sticking to their guns and letting the witch hunt go, they decided to make Tzuyu make a video apology and have JYP himself post a personal apology to Weibo.


Tzuyu, for her part, looks like she’s being held captive by terrorists, and the only difference between this and the apology video of Minegishi Minami is a lack of tears and a shaved head. Unfortunately, it’s just as disturbing.

Here’s a translation of what Tzuyu said.


Hi everyone, I have something to tell you.

Hi everyone, I am Chou Tzuyu.

Sorry, I should have apologised earlier. Because I didn’t know how to face the current situation, I didn’t dare to face everyone, which is why I am only apologising now.

There is only One China, and the two sides are one. I am after all still a Chinese person, and am proud of it. As a Chinese person, during overseas activities, I have made mistakes on my part, and caused hurt between the company and the two sides.

I am very, very apologetic and guilty.

I have decided to stop all activities in China for now and seriously repent.

I once again apologise to everyone. Sorry.


Then there’s JYP’s statement on the matter.


Hi everyone, I am J.Y. Park.

First of all, in regards to the pain brought on to the Chinese netizens, I wholeheartedly express a deep apology. At the same time, I feel regretful that my company staff, Tzuyu and I did not realize the seriousness of this incident. In regards to that, I express my apologies again.

Through this incident, I have once again deeply experienced that, to partner up with a nation, there is a need to respect that nation’s sovereignty, culture, history, and the people’s emotions.

Everything that has happened has taught my company and the company’s artists a very big lesson. In the future, we will firmly put an end to having this kind of an incident occurring.

Again, I express my apologies to all Chinese fans who have continuously liked and supported me, my company, and the company’s artists. We let everyone down and hurt everyone’s heart. To make up for all the damages done to everyone, and return everyone’s support, we will continue to work hard and contribute to the friendly cultural exchange between China and Korea.

In the past few days, Tzuyu herself has felt a lot of emotions, and has been reflecting. She left home when she was 13 and came to Korea, and it is my and the company’s big fault for not being able to cultivate Tzuyu in place of her mom and dad. We will stop all of Tzuyu’s current activities in China, and effectively handle all of the issues with the affected parties due to this incident.


I was generally fine with JYPE’s first and second statements, but this is taking it a bit far, no?

Look, I understand the argument that they “have to” appease the Chinese market because all of their artists are hurting, but the problem is that nothing will appease the C-netz at this point.

The early reaction to this video? They still fucking hate her and JYPE because they’re saying she was forced to do it. Again, like I said before, witch hunts don’t get solved by caving to the mob of morons.

All of this is so incredibly, unbelievably dumb.

Really though.

This whole thing is remarkably stupid.


I’ve seen an influx of people running around being apologists for C-netz now that we have reached peak C-netz idiocy and the I-netz backlash has started. But newsflash, C-netz deserve the hate for this because they are being entirely idiotic and they are at fault for keeping this witch hunt going.

Seriously though, if you think there’s any logic to what the C-netz are doing right now, just leave and don’t come back. It’s entirely pointless to reason with you because you are an utterly delusional moron, so I certainly don’t want you contributing your idiocy to this site.


I honestly usually don’t get heated over issues like this. Even when I do end up writing long articles or long rants, it’s usually just because I think something especially dumb has happened, but I’m actually rather calm.

On this issue, though? I gotta admit, this one makes me feel gross and I’m pretty heated right now.

This issue feels different because Tzuyu’s not even being hated over something she actually did. Like in the case of the aforementioned Minegishi Minami apology, no matter how dumb I thought the reason she had to give the apology for was or how gross that entire spectacle was, at least in that case she actually did the thing she was apologizing for.

This, though? This is like … an apology for nothing. It’s an apology simply because a bunch of people got together and demanded her head on a pike and that’s it. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. That’s all there is to it for me.


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