Dad of GOT7’s Mark poops on Huang An + Huang An calls press conference


The father of Taiwanese-American GOT7 member Mark (Papa Tuan) recently took to Twitter to rip into hypocrite supreme Huang An.

The false shit that was spat out of Huang An’s mouth, akin to a crazy dog, caused all the damage! Tzuyu must be strong! Fighting! Be calm! I really feel sad that Tzuyu, who is merely 16 years old, was wrongly accused by Huang An! I also hope no one believes his careless remarks, revert to our harmonious and friendly land, and to simply enjoy all that is good in the world!

1) Where is the lie?

2) Papa Tuan continues to prove why he’s the best.

3) I hope this doesn’t cause Mark or GOT7 or Tzuyu more trouble.


Meanwhile, the asshole who did the victory lap over Tzuyu being scapegoated the other day is going back to Taiwan to hold a press conference.

This is true delusion.

Feb 3rd, I will be returning to Taiwan and open a press conference. Everything regarding Chou Tzuyu would be explained, the truth would be restored, my name would be cleared! As a “singer that influenced the results of the elections”, happiness came too fast. Listen to what I have to say. Those that support me, retweet this.


Get fucked.


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