It’s a win that Xiumin lived after being kicked by ‘Stun Gun’ Kim Dong Hyun

Yesterday it was revealed that Xiumin was injured during the ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships‘, which was terrible. But given the fact that it was inflicted by ‘Stun Gun’ Kim Dong Hyun, an MMA fighter for the UFC, it probably could’ve been worse.

Plus, the fighter apologized, probably because he doesn’t want a bunch of EXO fans to destroy his social media mentions.

“During the futsal match at the Idol Star Athletics Championships, I had an unintentional accident with EXO’s Xiumin. I was worried he might have been severely injured but thankfully they say there has been no harm to [his] bones, so I am relieved. I sincerely hope he recovers quickly and that it doesn’t cause any large issues with his schedule. I am also apologetic to the Idol Star Athletics Championships production crew.”

Gonna go out on a limb here and say that EXO fans probably won’t try to fight him over it.

I swear it’s a coincidence that the music to this highlight video is from Kim Hyun Joong.


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