China’s state media backs Tzuyu, Huang An’s music gets banned


The action that got Tzuyu in trouble with the netizens in China was recently recognized by Chinese state media as totally fine. They said that her waving of the flag of the Republic Of China was in line with recognizing the “one China” principle, shutting down Huang An‘s garbage that started this whole mess.

It is unfair to label Taiwanese teen pop star Chou Tzu-yu, who has apologised for waving the island’s flag on a South Korean TV show, as a “Taiwan separatist”, according to Chinese state media. “Chou’s waving of the flag is an act of recognising the ‘Republic of China’,” said an article published on Sunday by Xiakedao on the social media account of the People’s Daily’s overseas edition. “The expression of the Republic of China contains the ‘one China’ principle. ‘One China with respective interpretations’ is an understood concept across the strait.”

Great news that it’s settling down a bit, but one does have to wonder how much the actual people will forget about all this if Tzuyu tries to come back to China in a year or so.

Meanwhile, in Taiwan, Huang An’s music is now banned.

Local broadcasting media refused to air Taiwanese-born singer Michael Huang’s music due to his recent tip-offs on pro-independent Taiwan entertainers to mainland Chinese authorities on Wednesday. Huang’s music was banned from local media stations, with Super FM98.5 Broadcasting Corp. being the first to enact the ban. Many have expressed their refusal to continue playing the singer’s works.

I don’t personally believe that Huang An’s music, or anybody’s music, should be banned. After all, it’s the people’s fault that they bought into his garbage and didn’t call him out for the dildo that he is. However, in terms of him getting his sudden comeuppance right after he took a victory lap over “winning” … well, it’s absolutely hilarious.


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