Xiumin injured, but ISAC will continue on because fans can’t stop watching


The ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships‘ are filming again, and the first major casualty from the event this year is EXO‘s Xiumin, who sure seems to have some kind of knee ligament damage from playing futsal.

That’s not surprising because the same thing happens every year: idols get hurt, fans get pissed, and nothing changes. The reason nothing will change yet again is most likely, well, the fans themselves.

According to a report by Nielsen Korea that was released on September 30, the second part of the Chuseok special “11th Idol Star Athletics Championships” reached 9.9% in the ratings, which also put it in first place on the list of Chuseok specials that day. This is 0.7% more than the first part of the “11th Idol Star Athletics Championships,” which brought in 9.2% of viewers the previous day on September 28.

Maybe there’s a bunch of old men and women watching this or something, but it sure as hell seems like a lot of that viewership actually comes from idol fans (cause who else would watch this shit?). So if fans really wanted this to go away, fandoms could simply boycott and it surely would. But … they … just … can’t … do … it.


That said, I don’t disagree with the fans that the event is sorta terrible. Being an idol is grueling enough without having to wait around all day like cattle for your one event that you’ve never trained for, just so maybe you can get a minute of airtime. On top of that, most of these idols aren’t built for this kind of athletic shit, so throwing them into a sport and asking them to go full bore on a random day is just a disaster waiting to happen in terms of injury.

But regardless of my personal feelings, the point is that instead of whining online, they need to find a way to get the fandoms to just stop paying attention.


My poor Xiumin-Hani ship from ‘Crime Scene 2‘.






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