Satsukiyama Zoo has created an idol group to help a wombat get laid


In I-really-hate-articles-that-only-portray-Japan-as-a-weird-and-kooky-place-but-damn-Japan-stop-doing-weird-shit-then news, Satsukiyama Zoo has created an all-girl idol group to find a fuck buddy for the zoo’s wombat.

A zoo in western Japan’s Osaka Prefecture says it is struggling to find a bride for one of its wombats, the country’s only breeding-age specimen of the Australian native animal. To help find 11-year-old male “Fuku” a mate, Satsukiyama Zoo has created an all-girl idol group to spearhead a wombat-breeding campaign.

Human sacrifices for wombat breeding might seem bizarre at first, but it’s an understandable necessity when you consider that apparently a wombat is just a gigantic rat.


Wombat oppa needs plastic surgery to improve his visuals. Gonna send it hate messages on Instagram about being single.


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