Jihyun tells fans to buy the damn album or 4Minute is gonna die


The leader of 4Minute, Jihyun, recently said that the group’s future relies on the success of the album they just dropped because otherwise their contracts might not get renewed.

“This album’s success will have a huge impact on whether or not our members will resign a contract. That’s why we’re working on meetings with the company. This album has to do well so that we can do well,” the group’s leader, Nam Ji Hyun said.

Translation: “You fuckers better buy this goddamn album if you ever want to see the four of us with HyunA again, because if you don’t, Cube Entertainment is retiring our asses and HyunA is going solo full-time.”

Maybe the extortion plan is just 4Minute trying to live up to their ’90s hep-hap sweg styling in “Hate?


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