Park Shi Hoo is upset that people haven’t forgotten about the whole rape thing


Park Shi Hoo‘s lawyers are gonna take legal action against 76 netizens for malicious comments. I’ve written before about my dislike of the online defamation law because of who it actually protects, and I loathe reading about celebs using it even when I think the netizens deserve it for being terrible. So now to see it used in this case, because Park Shi Hoo is likely being harassed about the sexual assault case that he never clarified like he said he would, makes it even worse.

Actor Park Shi Hoo’s legal representative, lawyer Jo In Ho, told mydaily on February 2 that Park Shi Hoo took legal actions against 76 vicious internet commenters. He added, “There are many netizens who still post negative comments. We kept track of netizens who have been consistently posting vicious comments in the past few years, especially those who used insulting expressions, and decided to sue them.”

Solid idea, lawyer man.

Bring back more attention to the fact that your client had drinks with a woman, was caught on video with a friend having to carry her back to his place, and then admitted having supposedly somehow consensual sex with her. Could’ve let the sleeping dog lie since he did sorta get away with it because the whole thing was settled (with money (allegedly (but really))), but now people will definitely think to remember the whole deal and how your client said he’d clarify everything and tell the truth over and over but then never said a goddamn thing.

Man, I haven’t the slightest clue what people could possibly have against your client.


The only unfortunate thing about this is that it was only 76 people fucking with him when idols probably get 76 people calling them horrid things on the regular over them holding their heads at a wrong angle on a dumbass variety show or whatever stupid, meaningless shit.



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