Taeyang mixes a black face with his own, wishes a ‘happy monkey new year’


Because I can never have a nice, peaceful day off where I get to watch the two best teams of men roided to their gills try to give each other serious brain injuries for my entertainment, Taeyang decided to pick today to release a string of Instagram videos … including one where he mixes an actual black person’s face with his own to put out a tribute to the year of the monkey.

So yeah.

Basically, there’s an app that allows you to mix your own face with somebody else’s, and in two of them he choose T.O.P so he could wish everybody a happy new year and imitate T.O.P’s “you likeee?” line.

새해 복 많이 받으세요 ?

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U like~~~????

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Both were quite amusing.

Unfortunately, he also choose to do one with Kanye West‘s face. On that one, Taeyang also wished everybody a happy new year but with a monkey reference and then made a bunch of noises (to be fair, Kanye does make those noises).

I dunno, maybe it was a coincidence that he mentioned the year of the monkey in just the one video where he mixes a black guy’s face with his own, but … I’m thinking no.


It would be easier to believe everything was just an honest mistake or ignorance if Taeyang hasn’t been one of the dudes in Korean entertainment who has been thirstiest to be black without actually being black.

At the very least, I figure at some point this just has to strike you as a shitty idea.


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