‘Produce 101’ episode 2 with English subs had rivalries & Jang Geun Suk thirst


Produce 101‘ episode two is here with English subs and even more performances.



This week’s episode was a continuation of last week’s placement performances, but sadly, Mnet used the most anticipated performances for the first episode. However, what this episode lacked in hyped performances, it made up for with inter-competitor drama and overall quirkiness.

Episode two has blessed us with this season’s first feud. While it is not at ‘Unpretty Rapstar‘ levels, the “conflict” between Yeseul and Seojung did add an interesting dynamic to the otherwise bland episode. For those who did not watch ‘Superstar K‘, Yeseul and Seojung were partnered for a challenge and Seojung was eliminated, so as expected, Mnet used their performances and subsequent grades to progress the rivalry narrative. Of course, this is useless if one of them doesn’t start pulling the other’s hair out, so we’ll have to anticipate.

Forced drama aside, this episode was really a platform for the judges’ various antics. As I predicted in my last overview, Jang Geun Suk is beginning his descent into power-fueled madness. His first target was some poor Japanese competitor named Ariyoshi Risa. Jang Geun Suk thirst is the best and bluntest sort of thirst, as it caused him to flat-out ask Risa if she has a boyfriend.


Pride is overrated.

Not to be undone by Jang Geun Suk thirst, many of the competitors went full “notice me, senpai” in their efforts to impress Cheetah with their rap skills. Most failed, but Yudam had adequate skill and flow. In response, Cheetah attempted aegyo, but just sounded like she was having a sad orgasm (or perhaps a happy poop?).


This week’s episode ended with an explanation of the next challenge: the “Pick Me” performance. The performance will be choreographed and filmed with attention to the competitor’s overall grade. Specifically, those who were given a grade of ‘A’ will be placed in the center of the choreography and given the most screen time. The already aired performance of “Pick Me” is far more interesting (albeit still not bearable to listen to) with this knowledge.

Let’s hope that next episode’s preparations for “Pick Me” proves more interesting than the song itself.

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