So how long until Yuri murders the rest of SNSD?


We are all aware by now that Taeyeon is capable of murder, as I explicitly said with no italics, but what’s the over/under on the amount of time left before Yuri snaps and starts killing SNSD members due to their shading (literally, AMIRITE?) of her?

Seriously, putting a potential issue here completely aside (unnirs didn’t mean it, after all), I just want you to give me the betting odds so I can start a pool or something.







Yuri is already starting to boil, and the threat level is rising cause there are hints the volcano is due to blow.


So I’m just asking how long until Yuri snaps and roasts all her group members alive? Cause I’m picturing a scene with her spit roasting them over a charcoal pit, and then it cuts to a shot of her hovering over their burnt remains. A wry smile comes over Yuri’s face and she says, “Now … you’re the ones who are charred.” The screen then fades to black while she cackles away. Credits roll.

I need to know for science. Thanks.


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