NU’EST’s “Overcome” is a solid R&B track with a visually impressive MV


NU’EST are back from what feels like a very long hiatus with the visually epic “Overcome”.

I’ve been aware of NU’EST and I’ve listened to their stuff before, but I’ve never really been that taken aback by them, and I’ve always felt a little “eh” after listening to them. So in that sense, “Overcome” was was a definite surprise for me, but I also feel like this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

The constant sound of a doggy chew-toy could be off-putting for most people — though I can’t wait for a group to insert random clucking or mooing (please) — but I think it adds a bit of levity and cute to what is otherwise a rather simple R&B song. “Overcome” actually reminds me of the stronger EXO tracks with its quasi-upbeat instrumental, and this was definitely something I could imagine coming off one of their albums. Baekho’s vocals in particular seem to be made for simple R&B tracks, and he carried the track for me by matching with the well-crafted up-and-down beat throughout.


The music video felt like it placed us in the same fantasy world as Junsu’s “Flower” and Oh My Girl’s “Closer”.




A part of me wishes it could be a 15-minute MV epic, because there’s so many beautiful but simple set designs included.

Also, Ren with black hair looks like he’s a prince from the same regal elven clan as Yezi from FIESTAR and Sojin from Nine Muses.



Difficult to not come away impressed by the music video, at least visually.

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