Cosmic Girls debut with “Mo Mo Mo” and … boy I can’t wait for “Catch Me”


Cosmic Girls are a brand new 12-member group created by a partnership of Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment. They’re making their debut with double title tracks that provide something for everybody with both the innocent concept of “Mo Mo Mo” and the fierce concept of “Catch Me“. Their debut music video, though, is “Mo Mo Mo” and I wish it wasn’t.

“Mo Mo Mo” is their aegyo-fied innocent concept and song, and I could do without them ever doing this again. It actually starts off rather promising despite the way-too-cute feel of it all, but instantly kills any momentum during the pre-chorus, and the hook itself isn’t very appealing either. Put it this way, it feels like if G-Friend‘s journey was about going through high school, then “Mo Mo Mo” must take the Cosmic Girls through elementary school.

The concept is saved a bit by putting engaging choreography over the top of the song for fetuses, but in the end, both the track and the music video just tries so hard to be cute that it becomes annoying.




The upbeat innocent/cute concept can be done effectively (early A Pink/current G-Friend), but there has to be a catchy beat or a catchy hook or something other than high-pitched cute overwhelming everything, and I had a difficult time getting into any part of “Mo Mo Mo” after the first half of the first verse.


I understand that this is likely the more mainstream and safe concept for the rookie girl group, so I get why it’s first and I understand why Cosmic Girls did both concepts to cover their bases, but I hope they move forward with the “Catch Me” concept (which I’m looking forward to) and that “Mo Mo Mo” doesn’t dwarf it in public reception.

Anyway, I didn’t enjoy the debut release much, but they clearly have potential that I’m looking forward to and having recognizable members is always important for idol groups. And the member that’ll likely be most familiar right off the bat is group leader, EXY, who made a late appearance on Mnet‘s ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2‘ and acquitted herself reasonably well.

Also of note is Chinese member Cheng Xiao, who is being dubbed the new Victoria for her visuals and flexibility. However, she seems more likely to be the next Hyosung judging by fancams, and somehow the most impressive thing is probably her propensity to pull off this kind of shit:

So yeah, those two are worth following on their own, and that’s more than most rookie idol groups can boast.


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