CLC’s “High Heels” shows that Cube has no idea what it’s doing with the group


CLC are back with “High Heels“, and it certainly feels like Cube Entertainment doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing with the group, probably because they literally don’t (“Let’s try to throw shit at this wall next and see if it sticks!” “Brilliant!”).

“High Heels” is like Cube took what every dumbass every detractor complains about regarding the 80s songs (flat and repetitive), and they made it come to life in this song to show people what mediocrity is actually all about.

“Here, you fuckers, feed your ears some of this shit sandwich and you’ll realize how fun the other songs actually are!”

The whole thing feels like a flat line because the vocals sound so manipulated and fake it might as well be Hatsune Miku, the instrumentation is boring (and yes, I hear the brass) and sounds like the result of a pre-school band trying to put on a ‘Grease‘ musical, and the music video just cuts to close-up shot after close-up shot like it’s CLC’s audition videos. Thus, expect this to be a perfect all-kill in less than a day.

I don’t blame CLC though, because I don’t think Cube has any fucking idea what they’re doing with them anymore.


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Thot Leader™