Comment Of The Day: China/Korea netizen war births the ultimate T-ara irony


The Chinese T-ara fandom has continued their war on Korean T-ara antis in the context of Hyomin‘s solo comeback, and their invasion of Korean portals led to this glorious satire-esque reply.

This is the problem with foreign fans, they have no idea why T-ara gets hate ㅋㅋㅋㅋ they’re just dumb fangirls who like what they see

This is word-for-word something I would expect to read from a snarky T-ara stan trying to imitate dumbass netizens, and yet here we are in real life and this actually happened.

There was also a solid runner-up dumb comment as well.

Isn’t this cyber terror? Chinese people linking this article and coming in here in hoards to paste the same comment??

How can fans terrorize our safe space for T-ara hate? They are interrupting our online terrorization of T-ara!

The international equivalent is like a certain forum’s bashing thread where they ban if people issue corrections to idiots spewing horseshit cause it’s a safe space for antis. Or people who complain about circle jerks but have a locked account and 10 followers on social media, making it literally their own private circle jerk. Or people who whine about why a site with a significant audience banned their ass for being annoying yet they have a block list longer than their amount of followers on social media.

People are smrt.


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