Hani & Solji reunite as Dasoni but not technically Dasoni for “Only One”


Hani and Solji of EXID once had a sub-unit called Dasoni, and while they’re not technically bringing that back for “Only One“, the duo have reunited for the track.

I’m glad Hani and Solji have been joined again, because with both of their increased public profiles and singing reputations now, it’ll likely mean more attention for this combination and they deserved more of it when the initially did this.

Surprisingly, as much as I didn’t expect to enjoy this because I figured it would be just the two of them vocally scissoring each other, “Only One” at least had a build over the course of the song. It easily could’ve stuck with the boring as fuck piano line, but at least it included an upbeat feel so it had some diversity in the arrangement. Also, the combination of Solji’s power ballad vocals and Hani’s subdued jazzy vocals was always an interesting combination and contrast.


Oh yeah, “Only One” is a lot better without the constant phone sounds.


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