SNH48’s Tang Anqi’s condition has stabilized in the ICU after fire accident


SNH48‘s Tang Anqi, who was in critical condition after she caught fire in a coffee shop accident, is now in stable condition in the ICU, according to SNH48 staff on Weibo.

SNH48 Staff received an update from hospital staff this afternoon: Tang Anqi’s current condition has stabilized in the ICU. Tomorrow they will begin surgery on the less serious injuries sustained to her arms and legs.

Obviously I’m not a doctor, much less a burn unit specialist, but I do know that the media love to sensationalize things. Thus, I’m hoping that her recovery progress means that the reports of severe burns over 80% of her body were sensationalized a bit — since I’ve read it’s rare those in that condition end up living, much less getting stable in a day — and hopefully Tang Anqi’s injuries are not as grave as initially thought.


In better news, a lot of people showed up to donate blood…

Afer Tang Anqi was hospitalized at Changhai Hospital, because their blood bank is in a state of emergency, not only did our staff volunteer but more than 40 fans rushed to the hospital to donate their blood as well.

…the staff is taking donations…

Today our staff spontaneously set up a money donation box and stared the first round of donations.

…and the agency is paying the medical costs themselves.

One would think that’s common sense as she’s an employee under the company, but honestly who ever knows with idol contracts? Thus, it’s nice that everything appears to be taken care of, and people can just focus on her being alive rather than money or whatever else.


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