SNH48’s Tang Anqi in critical condition after catching fire in coffee shop accident


Tang Anqi of SNH48, the Shanghai sister group of AKB48, was severely burned over her entire body after she caught fire in a coffee shop last night.

Police said that the woman had a dispute with her female friend, during which, she accidentally ignited her clothes with a lighter. She was reported to be wearing a down coat and silk stockings. A picuture taken by a witness showed the woman was struggling as her whole body was on fire. The fire was later put out by the store workers and Tang was sent to hospital.

Police are still investigating what happened, as the eyewitness accounts so far give no reason why a fire would’ve started or why Tang Anqi would’ve been using a lighter.

“She seemed to be fiddling with the lighter then. But none of us know what exactly took place as the staffers were all on the first floor of the store while the woman and her friend was staying on the second floor,’ director of the cafe, surnamed Wen, told Shanghai Daily. “She did not seem to be in a good mood,” Wen said. The manager added that the two customers were not smoking and also did not order any food that would require the use of a lighter.

Tang Anqi is currently in the hospital in critical condition, and the SNH48 staff has called for blood donations as she’s in need of significant blood transfusions.


This is honestly horrifying and the stuff nightmares are made out of, and I really hope it’s determined that it was just a terrible accident with unfortunate consequences because the alternative is an even less pleasant thought. Also, if the report about her having serious burns over 80% of her body are true, then one just has to hope she can survive at this point, much less thinking ahead to a potential recovery and all the pain associated with that.


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