Jimin’s “Call You Bae” featuring Xiumin is an emoji horror story


Jimin of AOA and Xiumin of EXO teamed up on “Call You Bae“, and besides the wonderfully troll-y teasers, this release was a relatively pointless exercise unless it was designed to give me nightmares.

I’m honestly confused as to what reaction this song was supposed to generate. I’m a fan of both Xiumin and Jimin, but if you told me “Call You Bae” was a parody done for ‘Saturday Night Live Korea‘, it would’ve made more sense than releasing this shit as a single. In a surprising twist, there wasn’t much wrong with Xiumin’s singing or Jimin’s rapping, but the weird talking interludes and general baby-ness of it (contrasted with the horrifying emojis) weirded me out. No “hey”? No “top madam”? No Xiumin on a stripper pole for Jimin? A true horror story indeed.

Like I hated the song, but it was the music video that got to me. “Call You Bae” starts off with Jimin and Xiumin in a car listening to AOA Cream‘s “I’m Jelly BABY“, which already indicates that the setting is in the supernatural realm since nobody listens to that in real life. And if that wasn’t hint enough that this was going to go south, than the appearance of emoji men does it.

Yes, the emoji bros are all over the place, controlling the bodies of humans…


…angrily forcing them to date…


…and generally trying to kill people.




But sure, it’s “cute”.


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