‘TWICE’s Private Life’ Ep. 1 English Subs: Resorting to spy techniques in order to eat


In a story that shouldn’t really surprise anybody no matter how ridiculous it is, TWICE had to resort to using prison escapee techniques to get pigs’ feet into their dorm without the company finding out.

Member Sana explains in her interview, “When we were in the trainee dorm, I wanted to eat pigs’ feet so badly. But since there was CCTV in front of the door, we couldn’t receive it, so I thought about what we could do.” The show then reveals a video of the girls lowering a long string of shoelaces tied together from a window to a deliveryman on the street below their apartment. They tell him the money is on the string, and politely ask him to check the amount while apologizing for the trouble. Sana then says to him, “Please tie it tightly!” and the members watch as he ties their bag of delicious snacks to the shoelaces so they can raise it up.

Hell, at least in prison they used bed sheets.

Fortunately, they can get them delivered normally now, or at least they can while they’re on ‘TWICE’s Private Life‘.


Also, while I highlighted the actions of #SushiSneakyBitch Momo yesterday along with posting the raw video of the episode, it’s now already subbed, which is an advantage of a dedicated fandom.



Things I missed included Sana getting bullied by by the aforementioned evil Japanese along with her partner #GenghisTzuyu

…and also Tzuyu being the villain in a horror movie.



It was funny for a while, but the posture thing makes me think Tzuyu actually is some kind of secret agent, cause you know if she can do this…



…then she can certainly sleep with her eyes open like she’s a member of the Marines on a black ops mission. I’m just saying she’s one more bullshit scandal from completing the job Genghis Khan started, only this time there’ll be no kamikaze wind to save Japan.



Also, I foresee this being useful in the future.



Speaking of spies, they had somebody pose as their manager and hack their computer, revealing … well, this.




Oh yeah, and Tzuyu is literally a spy for Mnet now.


The troll of the staff at the end by TWICE was a highlight as well.



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