‘Hip Hop Nation’, the grandma rap show, will have battles & name producers


Hip Hop Nation‘ is the name of that grandma rapping show I talked about earlier, and the roles of Shin Dong Yup and San E seems to be as hosts. Additionally, we now know there will be a relative all-star cast of eight producers for the elderly rappers in MC Sniper, P-Type, Hanhae, Lil Boi, DinDin, Cheetah, KittiB, and Jooheon of Monsta X.

Most importantly? A lot of you joked that you would definitely be watching this clusterfuck if they battle rapped each other. Well, guess what? The entire point of the show is that they’re gonna take eight grandma rappers, have them work with the eight producers, and then they’ll send them up on stage to battle each other.

On one hand, this is making a mockery out of hip-hop and is shameful. On the other hand, I have to watch at least one episode of this shit now, I’m sorry.


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