SNH48’s Tang Anqi deliberately set on fire, according to witnesses


While people were already openly questioning the story that SNH48‘s Tang Anqi was burnt due to a lighter accident, there are now witnesses to the incident saying that she was deliberately set on fire.

Recently, a witness who was also dining at the cafe at the time of the incident, says that she saw Tang Anqi crying and making lots of noise, before another girl sitting opposite her poured oil onto her body. The witness says it was definitely not an accidental spill of oil but a deliberate act. Then the girl lighted up Anqi’s clothes and got her body burning. Other witnesses say that Tang Anqi was burning all over within seconds and the girl that was with her just looked on, seemingly not interested in helping her at all. Tang Anqi was eventually rushed to Changhai hospital (Shanghai) for treatment.

So yeah, that seems to go hand-in-hand with the people who believed an accelerator would’ve been necessary for her to just burst into flames like that. And if true, this begins to sound more like an attempted murder case and less like an accident.

As far as who could’ve been responsible, netizens are accusing a woman who is a fanclub leader.

Netizens have since identified this girl as a leader among her fanclubs, who goes by the moniker of ‘Miyamoto’ (冈本白贤 or 宫本白贤). From pictures available, she looks like a tomboy. Usually, those that like to play the ‘guy’ in a ‘girl-girl’ relationship.

Because of course.

Unfortunately, I haven’t see much of an update on Tang Anqi’s condition since the last time, but hopefully that’s good news as she seemed to be heading along a positive path.


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