SNH48’s Tang Anqi has successful skin grafting surgery, media questions “accident”


SNH48‘s Tang Anqi recently stabilized in the ICU after being severely burned in an fire accident, and now she’s undergone successful skin grafting surgery on her eyes, arms, and knees.

On March 4, SNH48’s agency released an update on Tang’s condition. The singer had received skin grafting surgery on her eyes, eye lids, arms and knees. Dead tissue, referred to as necrotic tissue, was also removed.

Tang Anqi still needs the same surgery done on her legs, though when that gets done depends on her condition, which is still at high risk of infection.

Meanwhile, news programs in China are already openly questioning the narrative presented that a lighter accident had caused her to burst into flames.

Chinese news program “Morning News” tested various brands of stocking during a segment on March 3. The stockings did not go up in flames as expected, and a hole was only burned through were the initial flame had been lit. After testing stockings, the program then tried to set a down jacket on fire as well. Instead of immediately bursting in to flames, the jacket took approximately 5 minutes to completely burn.

This isn’t at all inappropriate considering the police are actively looking into this case and are waiting for her to be able to talk. Besides, the story about how this all happened has certainly been shady from the start.


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