Asian Junkie expands international influence to China thanks to Tzuyu & JYPE


In what can only be described as surreal, now the story about Tzuyu‘s amusing shirt and JYP Entertainment‘s subsequent apology has been picked up in China, where netizens are pretending to be mad because they still haven’t let the witch hunt go.

1. [+1803 -10] Media play, this woman is so fake!

1. [+3562] She’s uncultured herself, the company can’t be blamed, anyway I don’t have a good impression of her and don’t feel anything about her
2. [+2295] There’s nothing wrong with Zhou Ziyu wearing b*tches’ clothes ya, it’s the company’s fault, hehe
3. [+975] This girl has offended too many people~…… I can only say that the temptation of money and fame is too big~……

1. [+143] I hate this b*tch the most, well at least she acknowledged this herself. Actually I quite pitied her when Huang An broke her news, but she’s too cunning in pretending to be pitiful in her apology so as to help the Pan-Green Coalition to gain votes. She acted pitiful, and successful turned Huang An into a bully who bullies the weak; She chose to apologize during the crucial period of the election, successfully evoking Taiwanese’ discontent towards the mainland, gaining votes for the Pan-Green Coalition; Since it’s an apology to the mainland, knowing that most people in the mainland have no access to youtube, she chose to upload the video onto youtube instead of youku, who’s the real audience you want to show the video to? You’ve really acted well. It shows that Huang An isn’t wrong at all, this seemingly naive 16-year-old girl is actually a cunning supporter of Taiwan Independence. Huang An did great for being able to dig her out, if not many will be deceived by her appearance.

I assume now that this going to China means it’s only a matter of time before JYP capitulates to my totally serious demand that he apologize on video in the plastic pants.

That’s how this works, right?


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