33-year-old former idol also implicated in sponsor scandal, netz say Sugar’s Harin


The anonymous-but-not-really famous singer is not the only one involved in the recent sponsor scandal involving prostitution charges, and at least one other former celebrity is among the women tied up in this mess. This woman is a 33-year-old idol-turned-actress that was in a popular girl group in the 2000s and is currently active in China, according to The Fact.

This female artist, who was referred to as ‘B’ in Korean media, is said to be a 33-year-old (her Korean age) idol-turned-actress.

The actress in question reportedly started out as an idol and was active in a popular girl group in the early 2000’s and is currently going back and forth between China and Korea for various promotions.

Korean netizens are currently speculating that Harin of Sugar is the woman in question, as she’s now an actress, 33 years of age, and has activities in China.

I’m inclined to agree if for no other reason than when I heard the description, Sugar was the first group that popped into my mind as I went to go check if their ages matched up. However, unlike with the other person involved, this description is a lot more vague, so I’m sure there are other possibilities out there.

Only thing that seems sure is that this mess is just getting started.


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