Hyunseung is not missing a fanmeeting, much less leaving BEAST


There had been rumors circulating that Hyunseung of BEAST would be missing a fanmeeting in Taiwan and that it was just a precursor to his eventual exit from the group. However, Cube Entertainment recently released a statement saying that not only would Hyunseung not leave the group, but that he wasn’t even missing the fanmeeting.

“All six members will be attending the fan meeting in Taiwan, as well as all other upcoming group activities.”

Cube Entertainment denies rumors of Jang Hyunseung leaving the group, however, saying, “It’s completely untrue.”

Would someone do that? Just lie on the Internet?

So yeah, unsurprisingly another thing regarding him that people were embarrassingly wrong about.

I hope during their next performance he takes a nap on stage for 15 minutes.


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