Sorn posts her candid thoughts about a bunch of stuff on CLC’s 1-year anniversary


Sorn recently posted a message on her personal Facebook fanpage for CLC‘s one-year anniversary, and I thought it was newsworthy because it was impressively sober, self-aware, and candid.



The honest thoughts about the body/visuals comparison with others was nice to hear, and while most will undoubtedly harp about how it’s too bad she has to feel that way, what I took away from it is that she was working to improve herself but was actively trying to balance that desire with doing it the healthy way. And she also mentioned how to a certain extent that people have to deal with the fact that she is the way she is.

As far as CLC goes, I know she can’t blame her company, but I really hope CLC don’t feel like they’re the ones fucking up here. Again, Cube Entertainment has no idea what the fuck they’re doing right now, both in general and with the group.

Anyway, I just appreciate how grounded and off-script this all seemed, and it at least appeared to provide rare insight into the psyche of an active idol from a major company.


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