Sulli somehow made domestic & foreign netizens upset by eating whipped cream


If you had not heard by now, Sulli is pissing people off basically just by existing. And recently she has truly crossed the line by posting one picture of her cat and a mouthful of whipped cream and a video of her eating whipped cream.

I present to you, Sulli’s crimes.


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이제 스케쥴가자!!!!

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And holy fuck were they serious crimes, according to netizens.






The thing about Sulli’s Instagram is that “journalists” in Korea know if they write an article about the “weird” things she’s doing, there’s enough dedicated antis that will guarantee them free clicks and comments. Thus, they write articles about her every move and the antis predictably flood the comments. Then Netizen Buzz translates it for the same reason Korean journalists write about it, and predictably international netizens feed off the Korean netizens.

I mean, look at these quotes, seriously.

“For those saying she’s the ultimate troll for deliberately doing these and praising her for it, you need to check yourselves. Stupidity and lack of sense should never be commended.”

“She might think she’s being cute and cool and rebellious but the truth is she’s just making a fool out of herself. Yeah sure do whatever she wants. But it just looks childish and stupid and embarrassing.”

“The truth is she probably just likes to take weird pics”

One is lecturing other netizens who enjoy Sulli’s Instagram to “check yourselves” because these kinds of antics should “never be commended”, one is saying that Sulli’s “stupid” and “embarrassing”, and one is saying that Sulli “likes to take weird pics” as if that’s a moral failing or something. Then, of course, there are the endless concern trolls acting like they, in their likely less than 20 years of life, have all the answers and can serve as Sulli’s life coach.

Thing is, the reality is that most of the time international netizens who give ridiculous takes are merely parroting what Korean antis are saying in low-traffic, low-visibility articles. That’s something you’d think international netizens would’ve figured out after they jumped on a bandwagon full-speed ahead with the IU “scandal” that was supposedly ruining her career. You remember, right? The one that blew up in their faces as a ridiculous overblown witch-hunt and then they avoided mentioning it ever again? Shit, at least in that case they thought IU was a pedo, whereas this is about Sulli … what, exactly? Being weird?

Like, get a grip.


Hell, even if all this actually is damaging her image, I don’t really care. What I do care about is that her Instagram is currently quite entertaining to follow, and that policing the “odd” celeb Instagram accounts like hers or T.O.P‘s is the exact LAST thing I want to do.

You know what I’ve never thought in all my years following K-pop?

Boy, I really wish there were more idols with vanilla personalities who never deviate too far from ‘normal’.

And yet here we are.

All of it is just absurd to witness.


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