‘Hip Hop Nation’ debuts with performances surprisingly worth watching


Hip Hop Nation‘, the rap reality show with rapping grandmas, has finally debuted and it was about as off the wall as I expected.



Honestly, to an extent, even if you find the show itself to be waste of time, it was worth watching just to see the coaches perform at an event…

…and on the show to set an example for the contestants.

When they finally got to the actual contestants, there were a bunch of highlights, including one of my biases rapping to Yezi‘s “Crazy Dog“. That was tragically not uploaded by JTBC, but these were:

Jessi just got bodied by a 50-something actress doing a cover of her shit.


Overall, I’m more likely to post about highlights as they come than do recaps, but it surprisingly wasn’t a waste of 90 minutes as I thought it would be.


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