Kim Hyun Joong finally drops paternity suit against ex months after 99.999% results


Kim Hyun Joong has finally recognized his child with his ex as his child, thus ending the paternity lawsuit. Of course, this comes over four months after he was over 99.9% confirmed to be the father of the child by a court-mandated DNA test.

On April 25, the Seoul Family Court stated that Kim Hyun Joong had acknowledged that he was the father of “A’s” child and that the related lawsuit had therefore come to an end. The court had presided over the case privately (that is, the proceedings were not open to the public) until now. An attorney representing Kim Hyun Joong said, “Since the child at the center of the lawsuit has been acknowledged as his child, the case naturally wrapped up. The issue of joint custody has not been specifically designated yet.”

Of course, the issues of custody, child support, and alimony are still ongoing, and god knows how long that drags out considering it took over four months for him to acknowledge something science deemed true months ago while hoping the lab actually just Steve Harvey‘d him.

Remember when his fans were not only in denial that it was his kid but were also doubting whether a baby existed at all?


I guess there’s a point you reach as a fan where you’re just so invested in the celeb that they can do literally anything and it’ll be fine.


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