[Video Interview] [Event] Microdot on his music, influences, collabs, and female MCs


Don’t ask me how I did it, but I was recently granted an interview with Microdot. If you have no idea who that is, then let me clue you in. Microdot is a New Zealand born, South Korean rapper who is a multi-lingual talent, and in my experience is probably the most humble (and patient) hip-hop artist I’ve met.

As I meet more and more members of the South Korean hip-hop community, I find there’s a tight-knit family of foreigners/expats who support each other in the industry. With such names as Dok2, Jessi, Sanchez, and Jay Park, Microdot has been adopted into this family as well.

Thanks to collaborations like “Goal Keeper” with Dok2 and “Love Letter” with Sanchez, Microdot has had a sudden rise in popularity and on the charts. It’s been a long time coming, and he’s using this rise in stature to its fullest. As I said, I’m a huge fan and have been following him for quite a while now, and even before he became a major player in the game he was releasing a lot of quality. Microdot’s SoundCloud is packed with tracks that he’s put out there free for fans, and his ‘Microtape‘ EP is still in heavy rotation on my music collection, while the song “Applaud You” is one of the most popular songs he’s released.


As far as the interview went, I had a bit of a bumpy start. This was my very first video interview, and man was it a shit show! From bad lighting to batteries dying, it was just mess after mess, but Microdot was so patient and kind throughout. My camera Empanada freaked out in his presence and malfunctioned halfway through the interview as well, but luckily she didn’t lose any of the footage.

Anyway, Microdot answered a huge amount of questions from me that I collected by reaching out to fellow fans through Twitter and Facebook, and didn’t hesitate to elaborate on his answers. I asked about his current US collaborations and his opinions on his own music. We talked about his influences in US hip-hop and how he chooses who he collaborates with. Finally, I decided to challenge him with everybody’s favorite line of questioning regarding women in hip-hop. Microdot was diplomatic as hell with his answer, but also didn’t hesitate to talk about the reality of the differences between men and women in the genre. I was just as surprised by his answer as he was by my question.

Watch the interview below!


All of this stuff took place at the grand opening of Club Bound L.A. (formerly Feria), the premiere nightclub in Koreatown, Los Angeles. With the blessings of Soul Krush Entertainment, we showed up early, did the interview, and stayed for what turned out to be a hell of a show!

DJ Papito Chang and rapper Sikboy opened the show and it was lit from the start. Then Microdot stepped out on stage (more like a runway made of speakers) and performed an array of tracks such as “I.M.I.L.E” and “Goal Keeper“, during which he got up close and personal by stepping into the packed crowd.


Microdot: YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook , Instagram

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