Netizens say model Kang Ye Bin is the celeb being investigated for prostitution


Did you think that whole prostitution/sponsor ring thing was over? Well, it wasn’t, as there’s another “star” being investigated for prostitution, and early indications from netizens have put it on model and part-time actress Kang Ye Bin.

4. [+80, -3] It’s Kang Yebin… Looks like she’s following G.NA out?
5. [+77, -6] Hmm, it couldn’t be Kang Yebin, could it?
7. [+57, -7] Looks like Kang Yebin is out just like G.NA. Kang Yebin isn’t in her early thirties but mid since she’s 35. I think they only said ‘early thirties’ if you don’t count her Korean age. G.NA’s scandal was shocking but this not so much. She looks like the type of style that sponsors would love.

Don’t want to leap to any conclusions yet, obviously, but she hasn’t posted on Instagram in like a week, which I know because I follow her for … investigative reasons.

It’s quite interesting how a bunch of men and women have been outed in relation to this scandal, but nobody of serious importance has caught a case yet despite the wide-ranging application this supposedly has. Not saying there HAS to be a major player involved in this, but it’s a bit odd how they never seem involved.

Anyway, I don’t really care if she wants to sell herself or whatever, but she is super hot.


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